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Early Childhood: 3K & Pre-Kindergarten Programs

PS/MS 183Q is excited to welcome your child into our 3K program. Through the NYCDOE our 3K students will learn by exploring. They will use learning tools and hands on experiences to grow as a student and a citizen of our community.  

We will be exploring under the topic of communities. Some of the units we will be focusing on this year are All About Me, Families, Eating Healthy and Seasons in our community, being a good friend and following rules. Please keep a look out in future newsletters for what we will be learning each month. 

In Pre-Kindergarten, the children are provided with a high-quality early childhood education which focuses on the development of their cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, physical strength and coordination skills, and learning skills. A rich language environment, filled with conversations, rhymes, songs, and storybook read alouds, promotes the development of receptive and expressive language skills. The children learn through play, experiences, and positive relationships with peers and adults.  They have opportunities to explore new ideas and materials and learn and practice new concepts. We strive to help each child discover the joy of learning, develop a strong belief in his or her own abilities, and take pride in doing his or her personal best. 

Our Early Childhood program strives to provide a solid academic foundation through exploration and purposeful play in a vibrant, caring environment. Our high-quality early childhood education focuses on the development of: 

  • Cognitive skills

  • Language and Communication Skills

  • Early Literacy Skills

  • Social and Emotional Skills

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Physical Strength and Coordination Skills

Elementary Program: Kindergarten- 5th Grade

Our Elementary program reflects our steadfast belief that every child deserves the highest quality instructional material taught by explicitly trained teachers who deliver instruction using research based strategies. Our stellar line up includes: 

  • Thinking Maps

  • Wit & Wisdom ELA 

  • Fundations (K-3)

  • Heggerty Phonemic Awareness (K-2)

  • Handwriting Instruction

  • Envision Math 2.0

  • All School Supplies Provided

  • Digital Device for Each Child

  • Arts Residencies 

Middle School Program: 6th-8th Grade

Our Middle Schoolers thrive in our supportive environment that recognizes and addresses the unique academic and social emotional needs of adolescent children. 

  • Thinking Maps

  • Wit & Wisdom ELA

  • Amplify Science

  • Passport

  • Handwriting Instruction

  • Envision Math 2.0

  • All School Supplies Provided

  • Digital Device for Each Child

  • Arts Residencies

  • Identity Club

  • Basketball Team

  • Student Government

Our Steam-centric Learning Labs

  • Technology Lab

  • Science Lab

  • Hydroponics Lab (Coming Soon) 

  • Visual Arts Lab

  • Dance Lab

English Language Learners: ENL Program​

Here at Public School/Middle School 183 Queens we offer support for our English Language Learners. Mrs. McDonald works with students in grades Kindergarten through third grade and Ms. Mossen works with students in grades four through eighth grade. 

The English as a New Language provides instruction in English with support in the students’ home language so that they can learn to read, write, and speak English. Students from many different language backgrounds are taught together, and English may be the only common language among them. The goal of the program is to provide instruction in English with supports in the student's home language until they become English proficient.

The New York City Department of Education website has great information for parents of English Language Learners under the tab Multilingual Learners. The website can be translated in many different languages.


Health & Wellness: Physical Education & Movement 

In Early childhood we focus on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, loco-motor skills, spatial awareness as well as many other skilled based activities. 


In elementary school we focus on skills related activities as well as fitness related skills to prepare them for the New York State Fitnessgram which begins in 4th grade. Students also focus on sportsmanship and cooperative learning. 

Grades 4-8 Participate in the New York City Fitnessgram Testing. The Fitnessgram Testing focuses on testing 5 components of fitness: Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition.


There are 5 tests which test each component: Pacer, Push Ups, Curl Ups, Sit and Reach, and Trunk Lift

Middle school also focuses on skill related activities that that leads them to interest in life long fitness and sports. 

Physical Education programs are designed for every child-from the physically gifted to the physically challenged. The intent is to provide children of all abilities and interests with a foundation of movement experiences that will eventually lead to active and healthy lifestyles.


Get Started with GoNoodle! Get fit with fun-filled kid-friendly music videos. There are over 150 videos available to try. 

Art Education

Our Middle school students have teamed up with Thrive Collective. The program for our school is funded by Councilman Donovan Richards through the Anti-Gun violence Initiative-"ART AS A CATALYST FOR CHANGE."


The students are working on creating logos about themselves and they will soon begin designing a mural for outside of the school


Elementary students have been working on recycling Art. They are doing this using paper, bottles, and paper scraps. The purpose is to save them from the garbage! We have been transforming these materials to create something new.

Computer Technology Education

Computer Technology  Education is very important in today's schools. During this time our students are completing computer programming projects.  To see student projects visit Students are exploring how to use visual code blocks and JavaScript to build their own computer programs. This is so exciting for our students.  In addition, students use mobile and desktop devices to visit The middle school students are using the Codesters platform to create computer programming projects. They are learning how to use script code (Python language) to build and run their programs. 

Visit other websites to learn code and create computer programs. Click on the images below to visit the websites and begin learning! 


We are also going to learn how to use Apple's Coding Language called SWIFT to build programs using the App Swift Playgrounds. 

Science Education​

The Science Department at PS/MS 183Q seeks to engage all students in the process of investigating and interacting with the world around them to learn about the natural and designed worlds and their connections to everyday life.  We teach students the tools, skills and understandings they need to ask questions, to solve problems, to make informed claims based on data and supported by evidence.  We prepare students for life, by providing them with meaningful hands-on experiences, and by fostering excitement & enthusiasm about the world, and their place in it, while preparing them to consider careers in the fields of science & technology.  Above all, we strive to help students become engaged, productive members of society, and to remember and apply what they learn in our classes to their own lives, long after they leave PS/MS 183Q. 



Our students are:

    •    Scientifically and technologically literate: Able to use the tools and skills they learn in our classes to excel in their studies, to better their lives, and to engage with the larger world.

    •    Inquisitive, engaged, and resilient in their pursuit of knowledge: They question the world around them, and use evidence to form explanations and to solve problems.

    •    Able to consume media related to science & technology and be able to make sense of it.

    •    Individuals who actively wonder; who seek to answer the questions they have about the world around them, and their place in it.


Guidance Program

The School Guidance Counselor at PS/MS 183Q is Mrs. Peykarian. 


Guidance Counselors perform the following roles in order to promote positive development in academic, career, and social/emotional domains:


Respond to school crises or emergency situations 

At-risk counseling 

Mandated individual counseling 

Mandated small group counseling 

Classroom guidance lessons 

Supervise student clubs 

Attend and participate in academic intervention meetings 

Observe students in various school environments 

Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, and students 

Partner with New Horizon School Based Mental Health program 

Provide information and resources to parents on a variety of issues 

Learning Links to Resources for Students and Families

Virtual Tours

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