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Official School Hours

7:30 am- 8:00 am Breakfast Program

8:00 am- 2:20 pm Monday - Friday



Our students should have excellent attendance. Please make every effort to achieve perfect attendance and punctuality.  A written note from a parent or guardian must be sent to the teacher when a child returns from an absence. The note should include the date and the reason for the absence. This information is necessary for the school records.


Address or Telephone Changes


It is vital that the school office be notified of any change of address and/or telephone number immediately. There are times when an emergency necessitates our having an exact address and/or telephone number.  New York State Educational Law requires every child to have updated information on file.  Please make sure you update the blue emergency card.



Pre-K to 2 are dismissed at 2:20 PM on Beach 79th Street


Grades 3-5 students are dismissed at 2:20 PM on Beach 80th Street

Grades 6-8 are dismissed at 2:20 PM on Beach 80th Street


Students in grades K-3 that are not picked up at dismissal are brought to the front of the building or to room 139.  Parents will need to sign the late book.  If you are late regularly, we will need to take additional steps to ensure you are on time.  For safety reasons, please do not block the exits in front of the school at dismissal.  If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please make an appointment. 

Lost and Found


Each year, many articles of clothing are lost and remain unclaimed. When these items are turned in they are placed in the Lost and Found area in the school office or parent room.  We do everything we can to ensure that items are not lost.  Please label as many items as possible with your child's name so that lost items can be returned to your child. 


Field Trips


All trips planned by the teachers are for specific educational purposes. Parents sending their child/children on field trips must assume the responsibility for any necessary fees, written permission, and their child’s courteous behavior on the trip. Parent chaperones may not be brothers or sisters.  All chaperones must be at least 21 years old.

New York City Schools Account


New York City Schools Account is an online tool, presented in nine languages that gives families access to information about their children and your school so you can work together with your child, principal, and teacher to help your child learn. New York City Schools Account uses secure login procedures to be sure that only authorized members of his or her family can see a child’s information.  You can receive your login information today. Contact the school.

NYCSA Account 

Policies & Procedures

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